Bunk beds for kids, some good ideas

Well, my two children are growing up and they both need a bigger bed. My housband and I are looking around to find the ONE. It will be a bunk bed for sure, so that they will get more space to play on the ground.

They are two boys, so they will share the same bedroom for a while, and all the family will enjoy the third bedroom as work space.

What I’m looking for? As a mum, I’m afraid that it will be hard to change blankets.  So I would prefear this one, where I can go up and work without stress.bunk bed compositions Composizione 908 - Tana del Lupo

What is my husband looking for? He is worry about the price, and he wants it to be safe and not too big. His favourite is simple but comfortable.

What are the two kids looking for? Fun, fun and fun. This is why we aren’t showing them our finds anymore! Last time my older son has seen a pirate themed bed, he was really excited “Mom! Buying this one they give you a tunnel, a sword, a….” “Please stop it, dear! It’s just  a picture! They give you everything if you pay for it!”

It will be an hard choice!!!

Pictures from: Doimo, Maison du Monde, Pink or Blue


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